Controllers for Public Works


Dickey-John Controllers





We offer the complete Dickey-John controller product line including the Dickey-John Control Point capable of granular and liquid, both prewet and anti-ice with multiple boom control.    


Bosch Rexroth Controllers



We offer the complete Bosch Rexroth hydraulic components and controller product line including the Bosch Rexroth M4-12 pressure compensated hydraulic control valve with load sense relief on each section in a closed center application.  No port reliefs, no excess heat generated, and no wasted horsepower.


We handle all Bosch Rexroth Controllers including the popular CS 420, CS 430,  CS 550 models and the CS-150 Joystick.

Click on Rexroth CS550/150  Controller Joystick for more information.



CS 550 Controller




Pneu-Logic-Controller.pdf        (click on link)

The Pneu-Logic Single Joystick Controller was developed by Truck & Trailer staff as a simple, reliable, and economical alternative to electronic joystick controllers.  The Pneu-Logic Controller is virtually "bullet-proof" but in the rare event there is a malfunction, diagnostics are very simple; no DVOM meter is needed.  No corroded wire issues.  See us for Free demonstration. 


Pneu-Logic Controller



Click on InPower to view product information on programable switch panels which can be readily incorporated into the Pneu-Logic joystick console.



Pneu-Logic Controller

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