Wing Plows


 Monroe Snow & Ice Wing Plow Product Line



Contact us for all your wing plow repair parts, cutting edges, and shoes.  Click on links below for examples of wing plow cutting edge options.




recycled tire cutting edges



Berrien County Road Commission Wing Plow Equipped Truck

Wing plows offer agencies the ability to economically increase efficiencies by increasing the plowing swath and reduce number of trips required to clean your trunkline.  Truck & Trailer Specialites offers a full line of wing plows for trucks, loaders, and graders.  We can provide you with Junior or Patrol midmount wing plows designed for underbody scraper equipped plow trucks.  We offer the new Monroe Truck designed "Paraglide" wing mounting system with a parallelogarm design allowing the wing to "float" over manhole covers, raised pavement & joints, bridge decks,etc. reducing the risk of damage to the wing plow or the truck.

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