Interactive Diagnostic Guide For Salt Application Systems

Click on the appropriate arrow button(s) using your mouse to locate description of the failure you are attempting to correct and to navigate though the diagnostic process.  Updated 9.24.2015.


Bosch Rexroth CS 550 Frequently Asked Questions

Liquid Calibration on Bosch Rexroth CS-550

Crysteel Dump Body Maintenance Guidelines   (click for link)


Wing Plow Operational Guidelines  

Based upon Washington DOT guidance document.  Click on underlined link above:


Cutting Edge Selection 101 Presentation


click on link above


MDOT Wing Plow Safety Training Video



MDOT Wingplow Safety from MCRCSIP on Vimeo. (click on this link)




Michigan DOT Salt Bounce & Scatter Study


 Liquid Chloride Basics by Dave Budd


Direct Liquid Application by Dave Budd


Monroe RDS & RD Bodies by Dan Bouwman


Plow Hitches by Mark Helbach


Monroe Oscillating Scraper by Mark Helbach


Salt Brine & Rock Salt Specifications


Liquid Tank Gallons per inch chart



Electrical handouts from Technician Training  (click underlined to access handouts)


Calibration Chart  (calibration chart for manual controls on salt auger/hopper)


Voltage Drop by Fluke (information on voltage drop & it's consequences)














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