Value of hookloaders to operations & fleet utilization



 We have been using Hook Lift trucks since around 1995 when we built a truck that would haul an AMZ Patching machine. This piece of equipment was not used year around so we needed to have the capability of unloading it so we could use the truck for other things. We chose the truck mounted configuration because we did not want to pull a trailer in the tight city streets. In that case we would use the patching machine as needed and switch to a container box for hauling leaves or garbage when we were not patching. During the winter months we loaded a stainless steel salter equipped with a liquid pre-wetting system which enabled us to use the truck year round. We have replaced the truck several times and would not like to be without that configuration. The City of Jackson no longer uses the trucks for patching but we have four in our fleet at this time. We have two single axle hook lifts configured with large container boxes for hauling leaves. A shorter sided box for hauling garbage/debris and a flatbed equipped with a tank for anti-icing/dust control. There is also a flatbed attachment for these trucks for hauling materials for anything from highway repairs to trees.  We also have two tandem axle trucks equipped with large leaf hauling containers and short sided heavy boxes for hauling aggregates.  Both configurations of trucks still carry salters in the winter when we need them and can quickly be switched to haul snow in between storms. When we built the larger trucks we opted for the sliding jib to allow us to carry different length boxes and also had them plumbed to carry front plows. This enabled us to utilize the same truck for plowing as needed. We have single axle trucks that will sit idle all summer but these hook lift trucks are on the road daily, winter and summer.


Greg Lucas

City of Jackson, General Foreman



 It is my belief that hook-loader equipped trucks are the future of municipal fleets. We can no longer afford under-utilized single purpose trucks. The City of Wixom owns two hook-loader equipped trucks. One is a Ford F550 the other is a Sterling L-line 5 yard dump. The F550 has one 3 yard salt box with pre-wet capabilities, one 3 yard stainless steel dump box with drop sides and four 9 yard boxes used for yard waste, compost, mulch…The Sterling has one 5 yard salt box with pre-wet capabilities, one 975 gallon anti-ice tank, and one 13 yard dump box. For a small department like ours these trucks are invaluable. Rather than having plow trucks that are parked 8 months out of the year we utilize these two trucks year round.


Mark Clancy

City of Wixom


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