Salt Hopper Chain Ordering Made Easy!

Spring is right around the corner, or so we hope, and winter tools are soon to be stored away for the summer.  A very sound and proactive fleet management practice is to inspect the equipment prior to storage in an effort to discover any needed repairs which can be addressed prior to next winter season.  During the inspection process you will no doubt find salt hopper chains that will not survive another winter.  

In the effort to simplify the ordering of replacement salt hopper chains, we, Truck & Trailer Specialties, are providing a link to an order document that we utilize.  If you choose to use this document, you can be confident that you will receive the correct replacement hopper chain and that vendors will bid "apples to apples".

hopper chain order document       click on link to left

Once completed, you may fax document to any Truck & Trailer Specialties Store:

Boyne Falls:  ph# 888-603-5506         fax#  231-549-3555

Dutton:          ph#  888-200-8146         fax#  616-698-0972

Howell:          ph# 855-710-3855         fax#  517-552-3666

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