Dump Lok Dump Body Support System.

Rule#1Never, ever, ever, ever work under an unsupported truck body. 

Rule#2:  Make sure your body prop is capable of supporting the load.  Body props are not engineered to support "loaded bodies".  They are designed to support empty bodies only.

Rule#2:  Use of wooden blocks to support dump bodies is common practice.  There are no engineering design, testing, or studies documented that will guarantee the safety of using wooden blocks as body supports.

Dump Lok brand body supports are engineered, tested, and recommended for support of dump bodies.   Why would you risk the health and welfare of yourself or your employees by using "untested" methods?

We are offering a "special" on Dump Lok body supports right now.  $900.00 a pair picked up at our Dutton or Boyne Falls locations, plus any applicable taxes.  We will ship but purchaser will be responsible for shipping charges.


 Jeff @ 888-200-8146 or

Lucky or Paul @ 888-603-5506

and place your order before winter arrives!

Tip#1:  If you still insist on using a wooden block as a dump body support, please make sure the block is placed so the grain of the wood is perpendicular to your frame rails.

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